UNBOXING: Colourpop box


I told you, this blog isn’t just going to be all about Skin Care! I’ll post about makeup from time to time. (Forgive me for the photo quality, I posted these on my Instagram story and just saved them so they aren’t really in their best quality.)

Anyway, my cousin and I just recently purchased two lip bundles from Colourpop: Out and About and Can You Knot. We purchased two of the same bundle so that we’d have one each. Sadly, we can’t really share (although I do borrow her lip stains whenever we’re together) because we live miles apart. We both loved the bundles that we chose although we were both free to choose a different item, I guess we just had the same taste.


I can say that the box was neatly arranged. It was covered with this sheet of foam and when you take off the sheet on top, this is the first thing that welcomes you. When you turn it over, it has a small message for you:


I’ve seen different Colourpop unboxing posts, and the message in each box is different.


It also comes with this small magazine thingy that promotes other Colourpop items.


After the magazine thingy were finally the products itself! I was literally jumping in joy when I was finally able to get my hands on these lipstick bundles. They weren’t covered in bubble wrap or anything which is okay because the whole thing was already covered in foam sheet and the items that we purchased were not likely to spill because they were small.



These are the shades from the two bundles. We decided to purchase one with lighter colors, which is the Out and About bundle, and a bundle with darker tones which is the Can You Knot bundle. These are the lip shades in the photo above from Top to Bottom:

Can You Knot Bundle: Ultra Satin Lip: Hutch

Out and About: Ultra Satin Lip: Barracuda (A personal fave of mine)

Out and About: Ultra Matte Lip: Viper

Out and About: Ultra Matte Lip: Times Square (This is the main reason why we actually went and purchased lippies from Colourpop. This pink-beige color is prefect for a nude look!)

Can You Knot: Ultra Matte Lip: Notion

Can You Knot: Ultra Glossy Lip: Sookie

I haven’t tried all of these products yet, I’m still waiting for the perfect occasion to use each and every one of them, especially the darker tones. But I’ve been using Barracuda and Times Square to work from time to time.

Using the darker tones won’t really be a problem for me because I have a fair complexion but I’m not really used to wearing makeup, I just use colorless lipbalm most of the time. But I do hope that having these products in my collection will inspire me to wear makeup more often.

You’ll find out once I get addicted to makeup, because posts like this will appear more often in this blog. But as of the moment, I’m just obsessed with skincare.






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