UNBOXING: Althea Korea Sample Set

I love freebies. I wasn’t planning on ordering anything from Althea Korea until I got my Anti-Pollution box, but then I saw this post on Facebook saying that they’re giving away free samples–and of course, the shopaholic in me was triggered. I actually tried preventing myself from getting this set by thinking that I should wait until tomorrow if I still liked it, but then again I thought that this was a pretty good deal and I know that if I wait until the next day, this set will be gone. Anyway, it’s for free! The only thing I had to pay was the 250php shipping fee and I’ll be having a good set of samples. There’s almost nothing to lose. So without further ado, I added the product to my bag and immediately went to checkout. I didn’t even think of purchasing other products because I can’t think of anything during that moment, I just wanted the samples.


Good thing I decided to purchase it because after a few hours, it was already out of stock. I may be a jerk for just ordering free stuff, but hey! I buy a lot of things from this site and they actually allowed me to order the sample set alone. Don’t worry Althea, I’ll definitely come back and order items that I will have to pay for next time.

I ordered this Sample Set last February 6th and it arrived February 14th (a really sweet Valentine gift from Althea), but I was only able to get my hands on it on February 20th because I was out of town. The courier actually delivered this at home but there was no one was there whenever he comes over so I guess he just stopped trying after this second try. So after coming back in town, I immediately contacted LBC and asked them how I can get my package. They told me to pick up the package in their warehouse instead as they cannot leave this package in any other LBC outlet unless the shipper notifies them.

(Side story: while I was waiting for my package, I can see the guy who updates their online tracker busy updating their website. I almost wanted to approach him and tell him about my emotional breakdown a few days ago because of LBC’s unreliable tracking system. But instead I remained calm and waited for my package. Grace under torture.)

So when I got my package, I was honestly surprised how light it was because in the Althea website, it looked really packed. I searched for the Sample Set on the website the moment I got my hands on my laptop, but this was the only thing I found:


Guess I did the right decision in availing this giveaway.

Anyway, the website had three sample sets and I was supposed to compare and find out which set I got (they give them away randomly). Too bad I can’t find any photo or website that had a copy of their giveaway.


The set came with their smallest box (forgive me for the shadow, that was the best I could do at that moment). It was so light it almost felt like nothing was in it.


Tadaaaa!!! My sample set! Unlike regular Althea purchases, this one didn’t come with a bubble wrap per product, thank you cards, and pink paper thingies. The box was still covered in bubble wrap, by the way. I’m not complaining, though. I’m just telling how it looked like. After all, I got all these things for free, and I am thankful that even though I didn’t purchase any product, Althea still sent me this. I mean seriously, how many stores would allow that? We should be happy that the faeries at Althea are very generous.


I was actually hoping I would get the set with Laneige samples, but this one’s good too. I mean, I’ve been dying to try IOPE products and the Acwell Aqua Weekly Sleeping recharger was actually on my wishlist!

Here’s a breakdown of each sample in the box:


One of the items that I am really happy to receive was this Iope Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Gift Set. Simply because I love skincare sample sets, and I’ve heard a lot of great things about Iope and I want to purchase something from this brand soon, I just don’t know what I should buy. Hopefully this set will help me decide.


This skincare set includes a softener, emulsion, serum and an eye cream–all from the same Moistgen Skin Hydration range. I’m almost out of my Moistfull Collagen skincare sample set (which I only use during travels) and this set it just in time for replacement.


Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm – This is the best product inside the box for me. I just recently started adding a first cleanser in my routine, and I actually have this product in full size. I absolutely love it but sadly, it isn’t travel friendly. Although it doesn’t spill and all, the whole thing just takes too much space. This sampler is very convenient for me because I can bring it anywhere and do my double cleansing.


Acwell Aqua Weekly Sleeping Recharger – This product is actually on my wishlist–well, whole 7-day pack–so I’m glad they gave me these even before I bought it. These products were supposed to come with five more packs to complete the whole week, but they only gave me the last two which are supposed to do some moisture wrapping, and to return moisture. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be able to use these products as they are supposed to come with 5 more steps to complete the whole cycle. But anyway, I’ll try to figure things out.


Aromatica Rose First Absolute Serum – This product is absolutely foreign to me. I haven’t heard about it before although I’m quite familiar with the brand. I’ve just recently read about this product, and it uses interesting ingredients such as the bulgarian damask rose oil. I’ve heard about how that ingredient can do wonders to the skin but I’ve never had the chance to try it. So I guess this product will help me figure out if that oil is worth investing.


Aqua Blossom White Effect O.L.E.D. Cream – I would usually stay away from whitening creams because I already have a fair complexion and I wouldn’t want my face to look lighter than the rest of my body. Anyway, I will still try this sample for the sake of it.


Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base – I’ve browsed through this product’s information in the link provided and it says that this is a winter base makeup. Well, there’s no winter in our country thus investing in this product for regular use is already a no. However, I will still try this product as my family has plans on spending Christmas somewhere out of the country and I will definitely need skincare for the winter. By the way, if you guys have winter skincare recommendations, please let me know!


Mamonde Narcissus Hydrating Flower Essence Mask – An addition to my growing collection of sheet masks! I haven’t tried anything Mamonde yet but I’ve heard of it before and I know it is also widely used by skincare enthusiasts. Can’t wait to try this!

From all the products listed above, I can conclude that Althea Korea gave me the Hydrating/Moisturizing set. I honestly don’t remember what the sets were but each of them has a certain area of concern. Aside from acne-combatting products, my skincare routine is also focused on moisturizing and hydrating–which makes this sample set perfect for helping me find the products that my skin needs.

I absolutely love skincare samples and I would have honestly ordered more than one set if Althea Korea allowed it. But since these samples aren’t really for sale and you only get them if you purchase products and/or when stores like Althea Korea are nice enough to give them out for free without any purchase. I know samples aren’t rare when it comes to Korean brands, but let us just be thankful for their existence. They prevent us from spending a lot of cash on products that we might regret buying.

If you want to score more discounts and freebies for your beauty and skincare needs, Althea Korea promises you the cheapest prices and the most generous freebies and promotional offers.

Here’s 350php off your first purchase if you sign up through this link.

I hope you find the perfect set of products for you!


Meesh 🙂


Product review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to skincare, I’m pretty much sure that acne is everyone’s number one problem. Those pesky little dots that ruin the pretty canvas of the face–it’s basically the reason why I started investing into skincare, to wage war against pimples. To be able to do this, I have to be particular with the products that I’m using. Not all skincare is for treating acne, some of them might even trigger your skin and cause major breakout.

One of my most favorite products in treating acne is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil. In fact, ever since I started using this oil, I couldn’t live without it. I’m already on my third bottle and even though it’s a bit pricey (495php) for 10mL, I assure you that it’s worth every penny and it is absolutely effective in combating your skincare’s number one enemy.


I found out about Tea Tree Oil when I was looking for a face mask and one of the salesladies recommended that I use the Tea Tree Oil Face mask because it help in healing breakouts. That immediately got me. So without thinking twice, I went and purchased the face mask. However, I wasn’t really satisfied with just the face mask because I can only use it 2-3 times a week and I need something that I can use every day to help me with my pimple problem. So I went around the mall and found this in the aisles of The Body Shop store. They had a whole range of Tea Tree Oil products and the lady there was nice enough to help me choose which product might work best for me. She also taught me how to use it and when to stop using it (that I didn’t follow but it didn’t so damage so… I’m just glad my skin can handle my craziness.)

The lady there told me to apply at least two drops each night on the affected area using my fingertips. I should immediately stop using it once the pimple dries because it might burn my skin. What I did was that I generously applied 3-4 drops each night (and sometimes in the morning too!) and I didn’t stop using it even though the pimple dried out already. It didn’t have any negative effect on me (lol thick face haha) but that does not guarantee that it won’t cause any further trouble to other people who might want to use it. If you are planning on purchasing this product, it is best to try it on your arm first before using it on your face. Some websites suggest that this oil should be diluted with water or a few drops should be mixed with your trusted moisturizer instead of directly putting it on your face because it might be too strong for your skin. And to be honest, even though I’m brave enough to use this product more often than I should, there are days that it stung my face soooo bad that I wanted to cry. Which is why I never ever apply this on my bare face. I do all my skincare first–up until the moisturizer before I put this oil because of the risk of it burning my skin.

Also, whenever I use this product, I stay clear in using anything else that has Tea Tree Oil in it because too much might cause our skin to be more sensitive to sunlight and UV rays. This is actually one of the reasons why I decided to start using sun cream. I don’t want a flawless face with patches of black and brown areas all over!

Each bottle lasted me at least a month, but I think if I don’t use it as frequent, it might last for around two to three months. But I also think it depends on how you use it. If you dilute it with water or with your moisturizer, it might last you a long time but if you use it for spot treatment like how I do, it might only last you a few months, but that also depends on how many pimples or trouble areas you have.


It comes with child resistant caps which I honestly think is genius for this product. You don’t want this strong antimicrobial product spilled everywhere especially when you bring this while travelling. Also, Tea Tree Oil is toxic when ingested therefore taking precautions when having this around, especially where children are present, is necessary.


I honestly don’t know what this packaging is called. Dropper? But not quite exactly. I think this thing is a stopper because it prevents all the product from spilling all over when you tilt the bottle. And at the same time, it also saves you from the hassle of squeezing the bottle for more product(not like it can be squeezed). It only gives you one drop and you have to wait a few more seconds before it releases another drop of tea tree oil. It’s a good way to keep you from using too much.

Tea tree oil comes with a very light and watery consistency so you have to be careful not to pour too much on your fingertips or the products will only end up dripping on your floor. It comes with a therapeutic scent which is very relaxing, it reminds me of the spa.

This product is recommended for those who has blemished skin according to the package. Aside from taming angry pimples, it can also prevent acne from appearing. I have two trouble spots for acne on my face–the bulb of my nose and my left cheek. Ever since I had this product, I would lightly apply a drop of this on those areas in the evening(and 3 drops on ares that has pimples) and I have never had a pimple in my trouble areas since then. Also, it helped in clearing the acne marks and blemishes I had on my cheek.

I absolutely recommend this product to everyone especially those who has acne problems. This is one of the greatest products that I have tried and honestly I cannot imagine my life without it. Even though you don’t have any pimple on your face, it is still good to have a bottle of this is your skincare kit in case of emergency. It’s very handy and is travel friendly, a great investment for someone who wants to have flawless skin.

If you have your own holy grail product for treating acne, let me know in the comment box!



Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Hello everyone! Even before I started obsessing over skincare, I have heard a lot of great things about Charcoal masks. Thus, it was definitely on my list when I was looking for skincare products to use. Sadly, I didn’t find any charcoal product that seemed convincing enough to purchase until I found this sampler. I was honestly very willing to buy the full size because I’ve always wanted a charcoal mask, but then again I do not want to regret owning a product because it doesn’t work for me. And I didn’t want to spend a lot of cash that day (TBH I was only looking for an eye cream, but I ended up with clay mask samples lol), thankfully I found these samples from Origins. They’re very convenient knowing how much their items cost.


This sampler costs 199php. I bought it at Origins SM Mall of Asia. I think it lasted me around 3 uses.


This is how my face looked like prior to application. As you can see I still have that pimple on my chin that I mentioned on this post.

If you guys noticed, there’s a visible whitehead on my chin which wasn’t on my face if you saw the photos from my previously linked post. Well, I have had the pimple for like two weeks already and this white stuff just appeared the night after I used the 10-minute out of trouble mask. I’m actually thankful that it finally appeared because with it, I can use pimple stickers to help me heal my acne. These stickers won’t be much of help if you only have a red swelling acne because its purpose is to suck the sebum, or the white gooey thing on the pimple to speed up the healing process.

I actually used a pimple sticker after this and two nights after, the pimple was gone. Well, it did leave a scar on my face but at least I’m not constantly worrying about the redness and pain that my acne gave me.


The mask had a heavy consistency but it was very easy to apply.


It has a cooling sensation which I liked and it hardens quite fast. It didn’t tell how long should it be left on the face so I just let it stay for ten minutes. During the whole time I can feel it sucking out all the impurities on my face as it tightens my skin.


This is how my face looked like after application. The pimple is still there, yes. But I ultimately feel refreshed and my skin was lighter and smoother. I finally understood why people are going crazy over charcoal.

The verdict? Definitely to purchase. 

I’m really looking forward to using this at least twice a week because I can feel like this product really does what it promises. I do have some other masks that has the same purpose as this charcoal one, but judging on my first few tries with this product, I think this is far more effective than the other ones that I have.


That’s all for today, XOXO


UNBOXING: Althea Anti-Pollution Box plus CosRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol (also, an LBC rant.)


I have always dreamed of opening a box of goodies filled with random items. It kinda gives that feeling that I’m receiving a present–although it’s from myself, I didn’t handpick the products inside the box and I don’t know if I’m going to like it or not. So it’s as if I just received a gift from someone else. It has the uncertainty of liking everything in the box but at the same time all the things in it are something that I’d be glad to receive.

Which is why I am so happy that Althea has special edition boxes–in which each month they come up with a certain theme and gather 6 or more products in that theme, put it in a box and sell it in a heavily discounted price–much like a subscription box, but with Althea Boxes, you just have to choose the boxes that you want to have. You are not compelled to subscribe monthly and pay for boxes that you might not be interested with. Also, these boxes usually come with full size products but they have almost the same price as subscription boxes. Subscription boxes on the other hand, are filled with sample-sized products with only one or two in full size. I can really say that Althea boxes are really inexpensive and worth the investment

When I placed an order on Althea’s Anti-Pollution Box, I was originally thinking about purchasing a sunscreen and a cleansing oil in Etude House. And since I am a skincare crazy woman, I was also thinking of buying some other things like a new eye cream, moisturizer, etc. (whatever I may find interesting) as well. And I know that if I get both the sunscreen and cleansing oil, I will not have enough budget to buy other products. For a moment there I was crazy thinking of what items should I prioritize when I go shopping, and that’s when I thought of this Anti-Pollution box. It has both the cleansing oil/balm and the sunscreen that I want, and it has other products that looks quite interesting as well. So without batting an eyelash, I went to Althea’s website and purchased the box along with CosRX’s Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol (these babies sell out like crazy so when I saw them available, I immediately put it in my bag!)


The Anti-Pollution Box costs 1,450php at 71% off (originally worth 5,020php) while the CosRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol costs 810php. I also used 150 points and a coupon code that they gave me from my previous purchase. All in all this package only costed me 1,972.3php. I saved 3,857.7php!

Click here if you want a discount from Althea.kr 🙂

I wasn’t really expecting on getting the limited edition Chinese New Year box because I placed my order on February 1st, but I’m glad I was able to get the box! It had an Angpao along with it so I guess I will be going back to Althea within the month (the discount coupon is only available until February 28th)



The box has a few dents, which is obviously unavoidable because of the shipping–and I’m totally okay with it because at least I was still able to get my hands on this box. I almost went gaga thinking that this box might have been lost in the shipping or even worse, stolen.

My first purchase in Althea was really smooth, I got the items in less than 10 days. Although the delivery man had trouble looking for my house–but that was the only problem I encountered with that transaction. This one, on the other hand, gave me sleepless nights.

Upon checkout, they gave me a notification that shipping may be delayed due to the holidays. Well, yeah, I was expecting that but I was also kinda hoping that Althea will still be the amazing online store that she is and would give me a fast transaction with only one or two days delay. But then again a week has passed and still they didn’t email me that my package has been shipped so I kinda worried and emailed their customer service. Their customer service representative immediately replied the day after but he only told me that my package will be delayed–which honestly wasn’t the answer I was hoping to get. I sent them a question asking what is the specific status of my purchase and they gave me a generic answer. I was a bit disappointed, but gladly the “Your Althea.kr order has been shipped” email arrived in my inbox the next day. I was immediately relieved.

Days before that I decided to change my shipping address because I’m thinking that no one might be home when my order arrives so I emailed them to deliver it in the nearest LBC branch so I can pick it up there instead. This request was processed immediately and the shipping address was changed. Kudos to Althea to that!

However, when my package arrived, I was out of town and a guy from LBC called me, asking for some clarifications regarding the shipping address. I then asked him if I can still pickup my package on Saturday (he called on Monday, February 13th) and he said that all packages has 10 days pendency before they return the package to the sender.

So the whole week I was busy doing some work stuff, LBC kept on texting me every day to get my package, and I did reply saying that I’ll get it on Saturday. I was thinking that things were going smooth for me until…

I decided to track my order.

It says on the LBC website that my package was already claimed by me. WOW. And it was already 1am that time so I can’t contact LBC regarding the status of my package. I got really worried, I can’t sleep–I immediately started thinking about life, my previous mistakes, my dreams that never materialized into reality and how I was unhappy about some things going on–basically I just had an existential crisis (well, I do have existential crisis, but it was enormously heightened that night). I had to bother a few friends through text and chat because I really needed someone to talk to. At around 3am all my depressing thoughts lowered and I was able to sleep– but not quite peacefully because I woke up two hours later. By that time I was already thinking of accepting the sad truth that my package is now gone and I just have to go on with my life and forget about it. On the other hand I was ready to prove that it wasn’t me who claimed my package in case it was indeed claimed by someone pretending to be me. I was already thinking of presenting them the text messages that I sent saying that I’ll pick it up Saturday and showing them my boarding pass as proof that I wasn’t in town to claim my package. Basically I was in the middle of giving up and fighting. I’m getting so worked up just because of this. I even hated myself for ordering too many skincare products. I thought this was my punishment for being vain.

So, moment of truth, the moment I arrived in the airport, I immediately rushed to my LBC branch to pick up my package–or to debate with the people there– I was calm the whole time because I was still hoping that it might just be an error on LBC’s side and it turns out that IT WAS INDEED AN ERROR.

My package was unclaimed. No one signed my name in that list that they had. I COULD HAVE NOT HAD MY MIND GOING CRAZY IF I DIDN’T TRACK MY ORDER ON THE LBC WEBSITE.


Although this error gave me so much stress and triggered the emotional damage that I’ve been trying to conceal since the beginning of time, I’m just glad that I was able to have my hands on my precious skincare products. I don’t know how LBC handles cases of lost or stolen packages, but I do hope that they give great compensation because even though my babies were safe, we don’t know what might happen next. I still have a lot of plans for my online shopping which needs a lot of LBC’s involvement.

This is just one mistake, or possibly misunderstanding. I still trust the Hari ng Padala.


Look at all them pretty things! You guys have no idea how happy and how relieved I am to see them. I thought I lost them forever, but now they’re safe in under my care.

These are all the products inside Althea’s Anti-Pollution box. I won’t be discussing each product one by one here so if you want information on them, click this link.


They put the CosRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol in a separate box since it’s not included in the Anti-Pollution box. I’m happy about this because that means more boxes! I use these things for storage because I’m a mess at all times. And they’re pretty, who wouldn’t love them?

I’m still thinking of how I would incorporate these items in my daily and nightly skincare routine. Since all of these products are light, I think they’re perfect for morning use, but of course some of them will be used for my evening routine too. I can’t wait to start using all of them. You guys are definitely going to see more of these products in my future posts.

Before I end this post, here’s a link that will give you a nice discount from Althea.

Until then! XOXO,


TO PURCHASE OR NOT TO PURCHASE? Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask

Hello everyone! I recently got myself samples of Origins masks at SM Mall of Asia for 199php each. I know that I have mentioned from my earlier post that as much as possible, I would avoid spending cash for samples, but this one is an exception. Getting freebies from Korean skincare products are easy as pie because they give them out like there’s no tomorrow. US brands, on the other hand, do not have the same practice in giving away samples. Though I know for a fact that they do give out free stuff, they’re not as generous as Korean brands. I’m just thankful that they have these products in small sample sizes so I wouldn’t have to purchase them in full size and possibly regret shedding some cash on it. I bought three samples and will be reviewing them individually in this blog. As stated in the post’s title, I will be reviewing the Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask for this entry.


Out of all the three products that I purchased, this mask caught my interest the most because it says that it can rescue your skin from acne. One of my major skincare problems is acne and I would love to discover the best products that would help me with combating those pesky little imperfections.

This was how my face looked like prior to application:


(I know, I don’t have the smoothest face in town! Forgive me, I’m working on it. Huhu)

As you guys can see in the photo, I have a small pimple on my chin. I had three other pimples in that same area that already minimized into a scar but this one just popped up when I thought I was finally getting rid of my acne. It was really frustrating for me because I don’t usually get pimples on that area of my face–it’s usually on my nose or right cheek–and somehow all those oil and dirt managed to find another home in my beloved face! Which is why I was really excited to try this mask, I’m really hoping that it would help me with my problem.

Aside from that pimple, I have a few little bumps scattered around my face especially on my nose, forehead, and cheeks. I honestly feel horrible every time I see them in the mirror because they just remind me of how far away I am from my fantasies of having smooth and flawless skin. I’m not quite sure if this product can help in that area as well, the least I can hope for is for it to not worsen anything.


The product had a thick paste-like consistency. When I was scooping some of it from this small container, it felt quite heavy. But contrary to that, it was very easy to apply and to rinse off.


It felt like I had toothpaste all over my face during application because of its consistency and the cool menthol feeling it gives. It didn’t harden in 10 minutes like how I thought it should, it’s either because I applied more product than I was supposed to or because the temperature of the room didn’t cooperate–either way, I don’t think this small issue affected the efficiency of the product. I didn’t wait for it to dry anymore because I wanted to follow the instruction and I’m afraid that it’ll damage my face if I don’t remove it after the recommended 10 minutes.

I think this product is best for people with oily skin because it effectively sucks out all the dirt, oil, and sebum from the skin. However, this mask does not leave your skin feeling dry nor dehydrated. It sucks out all the impurities and leaves all the good stuff on your skin.


This is how my face looked like after application. I know that the changes weren’t that evident in this photo, and I surely can’t captivate the feeling that I had after I rinsed off the mask. But my skin looked lighter as well as the redness of my pimples lessened. The rough areas of my face felt smoother and I can really feel that this product helped in lessening my troubles with my face. I’m pretty much sure that with frequent use of this mask, it will give out satisfying results.


After trying this on, I actually used this product overnight for two consecutive days as a spot treatment for my acne. My acne is now gone but I’m still left with a scar that I will still have to figure out how to get rid off.

Also, the saleslady told me that this sample is only good for one to two applications, but I think this can last for at least five applications. the 199php that I spent for this sample is totally worth it.

Until then! XOXO,


Meesh 🙂



TO PURCHASE OR NOT TO PURCHASE: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Freshener, Emulsion, and Cream Sample Review

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a week since my last update. I was out of town and I didn’t bring my laptop with me so I wasn’t able to update even though I had been dying to. However, I did bring some of the sample products that I had during my travel so I would be compelled to try them all. I had more than enough sample products to last me a week which led me to come up with this series: TO PURCHASE OR NOT TO PURCHASE? This will be a series of sample reviews in which I will evaluate the sample products that I have and decide whether I’ll purchase it full size or not.

Now, as for my sample sources, rest assured I will only stick to the freebies that stores give out every purchase unless if the store does legally sell samples. I don’t want to purchase them because I want to save my money for the full size products that are absolutely worth my money. But I might shed some cash if there’s an interesting product that has a sample available for sale.

Therefore these products may or may not be of my own choice, it depends on what samples are available in the store.

For this series, I will begin with this Etude House Moistfull Collagen set that I got a few weeks ago by purchasing Etude House products worth 2,000php.


All these three products were placed in a small box and were given to me for free upon checkout. This whole kit is efficient for a quick skincare routine. Etude House is so generous with their freebies!

Here’s what I got to say for these products and my verdict:

Facial Freshener – This product serves as a toner. It has a thick consistency which I didn’t want my toner to have, and it totally reminds me of The Body Shop Drops of Light Essence Lotion that I usually put after the toner. Using this and using the Essence Lotion at the same time feels totally weird because I feel like I’m just applying the same product twice. However, this facial freshener has a sweet fragrance in which I’m neutral about but I’m pretty much sure some people would appreciate that scent.

To purchase or not to purchase? Nope. As I have said, I didn’t like its consistency for a toner. I would prefer applying products with watery consistency in the first few steps of my skincare routine.

Emulsion – I actually have this product in full size, I bought it before I had this set of samples (crazy, right?). This emulsion is also quite sticky so I only use a small coin-sized amount on my face and wait for it to dry or to to be at least absorbed by my skin before I go on with my next skincare step. I used to apply this in the morning before I apply my sunblock but it leaves my face sticky the whole day so I ditched applying this product in the morning and started using this at night instead.

To repurchase or not to repurchase? Nope. This moisturizer isn’t something I would tell people to completely avoid as I’ve noticed that it does help improve my facial complexion and it hydrates my skin well. But after using this product, I would still want to explore my other options for emulsion because I’m pretty much sure I can find something else that would suit my liking.

Cream – Of everything in this set, I think this is the one that I liked the most. This actually leaves the skin smooth after application. I think this product works best with the emulsion as they were formulated to be used together. It has a light creamy texture and the stickiness goes away after a few minutes. But I think I would only use this product at night with the emulsion.

To purchase or not to purchase? Probably. Since I already have the emulsion, I would probably purchase this too so I can enjoy using both products. I haven’t tried using this cream without the emulsion yet, so I don’t really know what it’s like with other products. However, if I didn’t have the full size emulsion, I wouldn’t immediately say yes for this cream, but it’s not a complete no. This product would most likely be in my list of options for facial cream.

Over all, I think the whole Moistfull Collagen line does stay true to its promise of giving your skin a youthful glow. After using all these products every night for one whole week, my face did look fresher than it was before, dark spots were lighter, skin complexion became smoother and cheeks were slightly bouncier. I think I’m starting to get that perfect korean complexion! Haha! Kidding. But rest assured, this line of products is great if you want softer, smoother, and younger looking skin. However, its stickiness did have a huge impact on me and kinda turned me off. This line isn’t my favorite from Etude but I would recommend this to people who wants positive results and wouldn’t be bothered by the stickiness of the product.

These products are best used for nightly routines.

I hope this review helped you and if you guys have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

That’s all for now! More sample reviews coming up soon 🙂