Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Hello everyone! Even before I started obsessing over skincare, I have heard a lot of great things about Charcoal masks. Thus, it was definitely on my list when I was looking for skincare products to use. Sadly, I didn’t find any charcoal product that seemed convincing enough to purchase until I found this sampler. I was honestly very willing to buy the full size because I’ve always wanted a charcoal mask, but then again I do not want to regret owning a product because it doesn’t work for me. And I didn’t want to spend a lot of cash that day (TBH I was only looking for an eye cream, but I ended up with clay mask samples lol), thankfully I found these samples from Origins. They’re very convenient knowing how much their items cost.


This sampler costs 199php. I bought it at Origins SM Mall of Asia. I think it lasted me around 3 uses.


This is how my face looked like prior to application. As you can see I still have that pimple on my chin that I mentioned on this post.

If you guys noticed, there’s a visible whitehead on my chin which wasn’t on my face if you saw the photos from my previously linked post. Well, I have had the pimple for like two weeks already and this white stuff just appeared the night after I used the 10-minute out of trouble mask. I’m actually thankful that it finally appeared because with it, I can use pimple stickers to help me heal my acne. These stickers won’t be much of help if you only have a red swelling acne because its purpose is to suck the sebum, or the white gooey thing on the pimple to speed up the healing process.

I actually used a pimple sticker after this and two nights after, the pimple was gone. Well, it did leave a scar on my face but at least I’m not constantly worrying about the redness and pain that my acne gave me.


The mask had a heavy consistency but it was very easy to apply.


It has a cooling sensation which I liked and it hardens quite fast. It didn’t tell how long should it be left on the face so I just let it stay for ten minutes. During the whole time I can feel it sucking out all the impurities on my face as it tightens my skin.


This is how my face looked like after application. The pimple is still there, yes. But I ultimately feel refreshed and my skin was lighter and smoother. I finally understood why people are going crazy over charcoal.

The verdict? Definitely to purchase.Β 

I’m really looking forward to using this at least twice a week because I can feel like this product really does what it promises. I do have some other masks that has the same purpose as this charcoal one, but judging on my first few tries with this product, I think this is far more effective than the other ones that I have.


That’s all for today, XOXO



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