UNBOXING: Althea Korea Sample Set

I love freebies. I wasn’t planning on ordering anything from Althea Korea until I got my Anti-Pollution box, but then I saw this post on Facebook saying that they’re giving away free samples–and of course, the shopaholic in me was triggered. I actually tried preventing myself from getting this set by thinking that I should wait until tomorrow if I still liked it, but then again I thought that this was a pretty good deal and I know that if I wait until the next day, this set will be gone. Anyway, it’s for free! The only thing I had to pay was the 250php shipping fee and I’ll be having a good set of samples. There’s almost nothing to lose. So without further ado, I added the product to my bag and immediately went to checkout. I didn’t even think of purchasing other products because I can’t think of anything during that moment, I just wanted the samples.


Good thing I decided to purchase it because after a few hours, it was already out of stock. I may be a jerk for just ordering free stuff, but hey! I buy a lot of things from this site and they actually allowed me to order the sample set alone. Don’t worry Althea, I’ll definitely come back and order items that I will have to pay for next time.

I ordered this Sample Set last February 6th and it arrived February 14th (a really sweet Valentine gift from Althea), but I was only able to get my hands on it on February 20th because I was out of town. The courier actually delivered this at home but there was no one was there whenever he comes over so I guess he just stopped trying after this second try. So after coming back in town, I immediately contacted LBC and asked them how I can get my package. They told me to pick up the package in their warehouse instead as they cannot leave this package in any other LBC outlet unless the shipper notifies them.

(Side story: while I was waiting for my package, I can see the guy who updates their online tracker busy updating their website. I almost wanted to approach him and tell him about my emotional breakdown a few days ago because of LBC’s unreliable tracking system. But instead I remained calm and waited for my package. Grace under torture.)

So when I got my package, I was honestly surprised how light it was because in the Althea website, it looked really packed. I searched for the Sample Set on the website the moment I got my hands on my laptop, but this was the only thing I found:


Guess I did the right decision in availing this giveaway.

Anyway, the website had three sample sets and I was supposed to compare and find out which set I got (they give them away randomly). Too bad I can’t find any photo or website that had a copy of their giveaway.


The set came with their smallest box (forgive me for the shadow, that was the best I could do at that moment). It was so light it almost felt like nothing was in it.


Tadaaaa!!! My sample set! Unlike regular Althea purchases, this one didn’t come with a bubble wrap per product, thank you cards, and pink paper thingies. The box was still covered in bubble wrap, by the way. I’m not complaining, though. I’m just telling how it looked like. After all, I got all these things for free, and I am thankful that even though I didn’t purchase any product, Althea still sent me this. I mean seriously, how many stores would allow that? We should be happy that the faeries at Althea are very generous.


I was actually hoping I would get the set with Laneige samples, but this one’s good too. I mean, I’ve been dying to try IOPE products and the Acwell Aqua Weekly Sleeping recharger was actually on my wishlist!

Here’s a breakdown of each sample in the box:


One of the items that I am really happy to receive was this Iope Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Gift Set. Simply because I love skincare sample sets, and I’ve heard a lot of great things about Iope and I want to purchase something from this brand soon, I just don’t know what I should buy. Hopefully this set will help me decide.


This skincare set includes a softener, emulsion, serum and an eye cream–all from the same Moistgen Skin Hydration range. I’m almost out of my Moistfull Collagen skincare sample set (which I only use during travels) and this set it just in time for replacement.


Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm – This is the best product inside the box for me. I just recently started adding a first cleanser in my routine, and I actually have this product in full size. I absolutely love it but sadly, it isn’t travel friendly. Although it doesn’t spill and all, the whole thing just takes too much space. This sampler is very convenient for me because I can bring it anywhere and do my double cleansing.


Acwell Aqua Weekly Sleeping Recharger – This product is actually on my wishlist–well, whole 7-day pack–so I’m glad they gave me these even before I bought it. These products were supposed to come with five more packs to complete the whole week, but they only gave me the last two which are supposed to do some moisture wrapping, and to return moisture. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be able to use these products as they are supposed to come with 5 more steps to complete the whole cycle. But anyway, I’ll try to figure things out.


Aromatica Rose First Absolute Serum – This product is absolutely foreign to me. I haven’t heard about it before although I’m quite familiar with the brand. I’ve just recently read about this product, and it uses interesting ingredients such as the bulgarian damask rose oil. I’ve heard about how that ingredient can do wonders to the skin but I’ve never had the chance to try it. So I guess this product will help me figure out if that oil is worth investing.


Aqua Blossom White Effect O.L.E.D. Cream – I would usually stay away from whitening creams because I already have a fair complexion and I wouldn’t want my face to look lighter than the rest of my body. Anyway, I will still try this sample for the sake of it.


Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base – I’ve browsed through this product’s information in the link provided and it says that this is a winter base makeup. Well, there’s no winter in our country thus investing in this product for regular use is already a no. However, I will still try this product as my family has plans on spending Christmas somewhere out of the country and I will definitely need skincare for the winter. By the way, if you guys have winter skincare recommendations, please let me know!


Mamonde Narcissus Hydrating Flower Essence Mask – An addition to my growing collection of sheet masks! I haven’t tried anything Mamonde yet but I’ve heard of it before and I know it is also widely used by skincare enthusiasts. Can’t wait to try this!

From all the products listed above, I can conclude that Althea Korea gave me the Hydrating/Moisturizing set. I honestly don’t remember what the sets were but each of them has a certain area of concern. Aside from acne-combatting products, my skincare routine is also focused on moisturizing and hydrating–which makes this sample set perfect for helping me find the products that my skin needs.

I absolutely love skincare samples and I would have honestly ordered more than one set if Althea Korea allowed it. But since these samples aren’t really for sale and you only get them if you purchase products and/or when stores like Althea Korea are nice enough to give them out for free without any purchase. I know samples aren’t rare when it comes to Korean brands, but let us just be thankful for their existence. They prevent us from spending a lot of cash on products that we might regret buying.

If you want to score more discounts and freebies for your beauty and skincare needs, Althea Korea promises you the cheapest prices and the most generous freebies and promotional offers.

Here’s 350php off your first purchase if you sign up through this link.

I hope you find the perfect set of products for you!


Meesh 🙂


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