Sample Review: Origins Rose Re-texturizing Mask

Hello guys! This is the third and the last mask sample that I bought from Origins. I wasn’t really planning on buying this, but the saleslady insisted that I should purchase this because I bought the charcoal mask. The charcoal mask was intended to open up and clear the pores while this one is meant to tighten them.

(And if you guys noticed, I tend to believe in what salesladies tell me. They never fail to tempt me.)


I’m not really a fan of the rose floral scent which I expected from this product so I chose to try this last among the three.

If you want to see my review on the Charcoal mask, click here. If you want to read my review on the Out of Trouble 10-minute mask, click here.


This was my face before application. Sorry for the hand, my shirt was wet because I just washed my face. (I know, I can’t do things right! Lol)


It’s a really rich mask in baby pink that has a very strong rose fragrance which I personally didn’t like. The mud had tiny bead particles on it which I didn’t expect, so I guess this product can also double as an exfoliator. I didn’t really enjoy the time that I had the mud on my face because first of all, I didn’t like the scent and second, it really stings. I was afraid that the stinging sensation was actually a signal that this product was doing more harm than good so I simply took it off the moment I was done taking this photo.

(The things I do for blogging, *sighs*)

After taking the mask off, my skin did feel tighter. This proves that the product does indeed “re-texturize” the skin because even though I only had it on my face for two minutes or so, the effect was instant. It’s good and bad at the same time because yes, it is indeed effective, but if the product came in too strong for me so if I allowed it to sit on my face for the usual 10 minutes, it might actually cause some major damage. Also, I don’t think the stinging sensation will go away while the product is still on my face, and I don’t want to risk my skin or to endure any more pain for a product review.

Anyway, I can still feel the bead particles as I was applying toner. This could only mean two things: either I didn’t wash off the product well, or the beads were meant to stay. Either way, none of these two were a plus for me.

The verdict? Will not purchase. However, I would still recommend this product because it has immediate results. This is best for people with large pores as this mud mask is meant to shrink them and tighten the skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who don’t like fragrant products especially those who are allergic to floral/rose scents.

After this, I gave this sample to my sister. She didn’t say anything about it yet so I can’t really tell if this works for other skin types better. She has oily skin, and I have normal skin with dry patches along the T-zone area.

I hope you liked this review 🙂 Until next time!


Meesh ❤




4 thoughts on “Sample Review: Origins Rose Re-texturizing Mask

    • mimarosablog says:

      Yes you should ❤ get the sample-sized products first before purchasing the real thing because they can be pricey. Also, I would have loved this mask if it didn't sting my skin and if it didn't have the rose scent because it really does what it promises. All I'm saying is that it might not work for me, but it might work for you ❤


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