Product Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet


Hello everyone! In this post I’m going to share about one of my most favorite skincare products so far, The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet.

This sorbet is one of the very first skincare products that I purchased. I saw this while I was checking out our local Body Shop store, and I immediately became curious of what this would do. It does not look like your average moisturizer because it’s a sorbet and it says that it will give my skin an aqua boost. After some deliberation, I bought this product and used it as soon as I got home. Well, it did sting me for the first few days–which was justifiable because my face was experiencing a major catastrophe back then, with breakouts and dry patches everywhere. I was hoping that this moisturizer would help me with my skincare problem, and although there were times that I wanted to cry because this did hurt me–I still kept on using it because I can feel the positive effect on my skin and it was more satisfying than ever.


The sorbet had a nice pinkish color in the jar but becomes transparent when taken in smaller amounts. It does not feel heavy at all though once applied, you can actually feel the product leaving a thin layer on your skin that somehow feels like a barrier designed to lock up all the other products that were applied before it.


This product feels very luxurious on the skin. It has a soft-silky texture and the skin immediately feels moisturized after a few seconds of applying this product. I am actually in love with how supple and soft this product makes my skin, there was actually this one time when I used this and nothing else on my face for daytime, and I cannot stop touching my face! It’s just so soft! It feels like a baby’s cheek. Even my cousin was amazed on how soft my cheeks were.

After I ran out of this product (it lasted me two months), I thought on not repurchasing it just so I can try other moisturizers on my skin–but I wasn’t really satisfied with anything so I just went and bought another jar! Unlike my earlier experience with this sorbet, my face does not sting anymore whenever I put this on. Which means, my face was so much better than it was before.

The only downside of this product is that it has comedogenic properties which can clog pores and cause breakouts. I was actually upset when I found out about it, but so far this sorbet hasn’t done any harm to my skin. Although I did have a few breakouts while using this product, I’m pretty much sure that it wasn’t caused by this sorbet. However, it might just be my skin. After all, I have normal acne-prone skin with a few dry patches along the nose area. But since this product is designed for all skin types, I think it will work best especially for those with dry skin. As for people with oily skin, i would recommend trying it out on the tester first because I can’t promise the probability of you guys not having any breakout while using this comedogenic product.

I use this product at night, as shown in my evening skincare routine. But this product is also good for daytime, and it can also serve as a primer before putting on makeup. It’s not sticky and it gives a matte finish which is actually my favorite thing about this moisturizer.

Overall, this is a really great product. Totally moisturizing and softens the skin. I can never imagine my day without this product. Trust me, I tried!

So that’s all for my favorite moisturizer. I hope this review helped you in your skincare choices. Until then!


Meesh ❤


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