Product Review: Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches


Acne trouble is one of my primary skincare concerns. It s a common belief that people get pimples due to oil stuck in the pores, but the thing is, I don’t have oily skin and I have really tight pores–which means, almost all of those acne combating products that are supposed to dry or tighten pores might not solve my problem. I asked an esthetician about my acne problem, and I’m pretty much sure I just wasted my time on consulting her because all she said was, “you still have pores, thus you skin will always be prone to acne.” (non-verbatim). She didn’t give me a satisfying answer, because I wanted something to be done in order to lessen or to completely eliminate recurring pimples on my face, and what she said did not really help with anything. So I guess I’m all on my own now. Solving my acne problems with my own techniques, experimenting with trial and error.

Ever since I started focusing on skincare, the appearance of acne on my face did lessen–but I still have them from time to time. A few weeks ago, two pimples decided to squat on my left cheek. I didn’t do much about it, because I was hoping that they’d just go away. But after a week, they’re still there, so I decided to buy pimple patches for them.

(I was not really religious with my skincare routine when the pimples decided to come up. I was sick, and then I had to wake up at around 2 in the morning because of my travels, I really didn’t have much time for myself.)









I have never tried these pimple patches before, although I did use pimple patches to help me with my acne in the past–there were times that they were helpful and there were times when they weren’t. I haven’t heard much about these from Purederm, I just bought them out of curiosity and hope–hope that they’re effective.


This is how my face looked like prior to applying the patches. Forgive me for the photo quality, I honestly need more practice. Also, my face looks oily here because I just wiped my face with the pimple pads from Cosrx.


As you guys can see, these patches are meant for overnight use and is obviously not to be worn over makeup during the day–there are patches for that but I don’t think they’re effective since all they do is cover the pimple. However, this one is medicated with salicylic acid which has been proven to be effective in fighting acne.

These patches are sticky and they’re really not that difficult to apply unlike other patches that I have tried. By the way, when using pimple patches, the skin must be dry from any product or else it will not stick well and fall off.

So there, I placed the patches on my skin and went on with my usual routine and left it there overnight. The next morning, I actually saw a significant change on my acne.


As you guys can see, both pimples looked tamed and flat. They weren’t as red as they were the night before.

This product says that it visibly reduces redness in days–which means that overnight usage will not magically erase the whole thing. It has to be used repeatedly until the redness is gone.


This is what the patches looked like as I took them off. As you guys can see, there were two small white dots on each patch. Those were the puss that they sucked from my acne.

I once again used the gel patches on my acne the night after, and this is what my cheek looked like on the second day:


To be honest, I don’t see much difference. If you guys were wondering why my face looks dry or less oily here compared to the photos above, it’s because I didn’t use my cleansing water before taking this photo. This is my authentic “I woke up like this” skin and face.

I have to be honest, but my decisions the night when I decided to put my second patch might have affected its result. My skin wasn’t completely dry yet before I put the patches on my skin thus it didn’t have a really tight grip on it while I was applying my other skincare products. Some product might have penetrated the pimple area–and it may not be as secluded as it should be to work effectively overnight.

Thus, on the third night, I made sure that my face was completely dry before I stuck the patches on. I waited a few more minutes after washing before I put the patches on my acne. The next morning, this is how my face looked like:


I didn’t see any difference from my pimple’s appearance from the other night. The redness and the size of the acne was still the same.

Although I am glad that these patches managed to tame down and flatten my pimple, I don’t think it will really help in healing them. As you guys can see, there was no progress during the three days that I used this product, the only significant change was on the first day, and after that the two acne marks remained as they were. I didn’t use the patched further because I decided that I would put other treatments on my acne instead because I think the main purpose of these patches is to simply cover the acne and prevent impurities from further infecting it.

This product is only effective if you want to flatten your acne–well, it is a spot reducer after all. While I don’t think that this is the best go-to product when it comes to breakouts, using a gel patch would be essential to taming down angry pimples. It’s really helpful if you want your skin’s surface to look flat and smooth the next day, but you will still need to use a concealer for the imperfections.

My final verdict? I’ll still keep this product and use it once or twice for a fresh pimple. But I wouldn’t rely on it. I will continue scouting for a gel patch that would satisfy my skincare needs.

Hope this review helped you, and I hope you find the perfect products for your flawless skin!


Meesh 🙂


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