My First Ever BeautyMNL Purchase + Newly-launched Mobile App


BeautyMNL is an online store based in the Philippines that sells beauty products such as makeup and skincare from different brands, both local and international.

I’ve been meaning to try out BeautyMNL for a very long time now, but whenever I’m ready to purchase something, it’s either out of stock or totally cheaper in Althea Korea. Thus, my plans on buying something from their website gets postponed every time. There is one particular non-korean skincare product that I really wanted to purchase from BeautyMNL but it only costs 750php, and I can’t find anything non-korean that I like from their website and I wanted to avail of the free shipping. I was actually getting worried because that item was already in my cart, and the other things that I put in it on standby just gets out of stock after a day or two–I was afraid that one day, I may not be able to buy the product that I really wanted to have.

Which is why, the free shipping that came along with the launch of their BeautyMNL app was a savior for me! I didn’t have to worry about paying extra for the shipping fee nor do I need to add things that are mildly interesting in my cart to avail of free shipping. It actually took me a few days before finally deciding to buy something, because I really hate buying one single product for online transactions. I was thinking that I was already a bitch for ordering a free sample kit from Althea Korea without buying anything, but oh well, I think I may need to absorb the fact that it is okay to do single purchases online. I don’t have to feel bad about it.

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So there, I went and made my very first purchase at the BeautyMNL app.


It was indeed a thrill! The transaction was smooth and easy. I immediately got my confirmation email from PayPal regarding the payment, and BeautyMNL also sent me an email about my purchase

I ordered the item on March 17, Friday. The website says that if you live outside Manila, chances are delivery will take 3-5 days. It didn’t say weekends didn’t count, so I was hoping that I will be able to claim my package at least the following Wednesday the most. So while waiting for any update, I keep coming back and forth to my Orders page, hoping that an update would appear:


I was a bit bothered because the information says that I ordered two items, when in fact I only ordered one. It doesn’t show two items either when I checked. However, since it didn’t affect the amount that I paid and I don’t think it causes my order any trouble, I just shrugged it off. (But I was hoping that there would be a freebie or something…)

On Tuesday, March 21, I got an update from BeautyMNL via email. They informed me that my order has been shipped.

IMG_8646 (1)

They provided me with the tracking number of my order. However, I tried checking its status at the given website and it says that the number provided has no tracking record. I waited two days before tracking it again, but still it says that there are no records found.

I didn’t receive any update from BeautyMNL, the Zoom Courier website, and my trusted LBC branch where I always pick up my online purchases until March 24, Friday. This made me worry because it has already been a full week since I placed my order, and yet I had no idea where it is.

So, while I was travelling to Cagayan de Oro City in the afternoon of March 24th, I decided to send BeautyMNL an email inquiring about the whereabouts of my order. Their customer service representative replied shortly after, and informed me that there was a mistake with the tracking number that they provided, but my order is ready to be picked up at LBC later that day, all I need to do is to wait for LBC to send me a text message about it. Surely, I received the message a few hours after my exchange with BeautyMNL’s representative.

Since I’ll be out of town for the weekend, my order had to stand by in the LBC store until the following Monday when I dropped by to claim my parcel. However, there was another problem because my package was addressed to my nickname. It was still me, but my nickname is completely different from my full name and LBC won’t allow me to get my item until the courier (Zoom) that forwarded it to them sends them an email about it.

Well, I did put my full name as the authorized person to claim my package. However, I think Zoom was not able to forward the information that I provided when they sent my package to LBC. I once again emailed BeautyMNL regarding this, and their customer service representative was very keen in facilitating my emails.

IMG_8647 (1)

I also like how friendly and informative their emails are. They actually give me the answers that I need and they give additional information about my item even though I didn’t ask for it yet. I have had experiences with other customer representatives giving me generic answers to my questions which wasn’t much of a help. I like how BeautyMNL’s people make you feel like you’re important.

The day after, I was finally able to get my product!!!!


I ordered My Scheming’s Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to try a charcoal peel off mask and this one had good reviews.
  2. Ella Chen endorses this product. I am a really huge fan of this Taiwanese actress, I followed her for years and watched every movie and drama that succeeded Hana Kimi Taiwan.

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It had a small dent but I guess these things are simply unavoidable. As long as the products are fine, then dents should not be a problem (although I would really love to receive my products in perfect condition.)

This transaction with BeatyMNL might not be as smooth as I wanted it to be, but it didn’t discourage me from purchasing other products from them in the future. I was taken good care by their customer service and they were really quick to respond to my concerns. Well, as long as I can still get my product in good condition and I don’t have to do extremes such as pay additional fees or go to far places just to fix my problems, then it’s fine. Events like these are likely to happen when online shopping. Although I admit that I am partly at fault for registering with my nickname. I already changed it to avoid the same problem in my next order.

I’m still quite bothered as to why it says that I ordered two items. But I guess the other item is for the free shipping promo whatever to be applied to my order. Aside from that, I think everything’s fine. Their app is neat at it doesn’t lag at all. It’s really convenient and risky because I’m afraid I might just do random purchases while browsing though their products on my phone during my free time! Haha. I still can’t think of any suggestion on how they can improve their app because I think it’s fine the way it is. Kudos to BeautyMNL!

Since I posted this a week later after this whole incident, I’m not sure if their free shipping is still available. But you can try and check it out!

I will be reviewing the Mask Set that I purchased soon. Wait for it!


Meesh 🙂


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