Hi, I’m Meesh. Currently in my early 20’s, living in the King City of the South, Davao City, Philippines.

I graduated college from a humble university in Dumaguete last 2016. Although I haven’t been practicing what I learned through my college course with my current 8-5 job, I still try to hold on to it whenever I can, because I believe that it is my passion, and it is who I am.

I’ve been a voracious reader back in the days–in past tense because I somehow lost that identity in the middle of my struggles to consider this life worth living–I enjoy chick literature, young adult, and contemporary books the the most. I’m also a supporter of local literature. I read books written by Filipino writers with their settings and themes as familiar as my childhood and the cities I’ve been to. There’s more beyond the fiction that published Wattpad stories offer in Filipino literature. There are local stories and writers that delves into the Philippines’ rich history, these stories are wonderfully written to educate us of this country’s abundance in mythology and folklore. I urge everyone to appreciate the beauty of the Philippine literature and read more than what you see in the front liners.

Aside from that, I have a penchant for language. Linguistics has always been an area of interest for me and it sometimes frustrates me how there are so many words and languages out there, and yet there’s so little that I know. I’ve been trying to study Mandarin since I was 14. At first I tried learning it myself, but Chinese is a difficult language with all the tones so I took a few formal lessons, and yet my struggle with it is still very much alive and present until this day. My capacity in understanding Chinese is somewhere below basic. However, while I daydream of speaking Mandarin like a native Chinese, I try to explore the languages of my country which are much easier to remember and use. I’ve been exposed to different cultures and regions in the Philippines thus learning basic Hiligaynon was not that much of a difficult task for me.

When I’m not trying to revive my linguistic skills, I watch TV shows or listen to Taylor Swift, Cher Lloyd and Carly Rae Jepsen on repeat.

Otherwise, I find other distractions. Hence this blog.

Mimarosa is a production of my strengthened focus on skincare which started on November 2016. My skincare obsession started out with the thought of my face needing extra care and protection and thus I started doing research on what products should I use. That single thought became my small opening that slowly introduced me to the world of skincare. The wide array of products promising to give my skin the rejuvenation that I wanted to achieve kept me diving deeper into the secrets of skincare, allowing my interest with every item displayed on the shelves to grow wider as my personal collection slowly became bigger with every product I cannot stand not purchasing. As the days went by and my skincare routines became longer with more products involved, I decided that I should chronicle my experiences with these items through a blog. This blog serves as a reminder for me to take care of my skin, and myself in general. With each blog post, I am reminded of the products that I should let go and the products that I should invest with further. This also serves to help and inform other people out there of the possible outcomes of the skincare that their planning to purchase if ever the subject of their interest is in this blog.

The first time I started being conscious about my face was in year 2013. But it was in 2016—three years later, when I started investing on skincare products. It is one of the best things that I have in my life. This blog will mainly, although not exclusively, be about my skincare journey and some other journeys in my life that are worth sharing.

Here’s a few things about my skin:

Age: early 20s

Skin type: Normal/Sensitive

Skin concerns: acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots


All the products mentioned or used in this blog are bought according to my personal interest and needs. They are bought using my personal funds unless otherwise stated. My product reviews and opinions are not meant to degrade anything or anyone, they are merely a result of my observations as a user of the said items. My opinion may differ from others as we all have different preferences and skin types.

For inquiries, collaborations, and other business, contact me at mimarosalazar@gmail.com