My Christmas Wishlist 2017

Hello everyone! It’s almost Christmas time! And just like everyone else, I have a few things that I would be more than happy to receive wrapped in colorful paper with Santa Claus illustration and ribbons.

It has been our family tradition for us to submit our Christmas Wishlist so our godparents would actually know what to get us for the most awaited time of the year. Thus, every year, we think of something we really want and give the list to our parents so they can circulate it among their siblings. But as time went by, letting them know what we want is so much easier through internet and group chats. I just recently created this collage and sent it to my family’s group chat in Messenger, so now I know that everyone has seen this list, and everyone knows the things I want which means I will be more thankful than disappointed once I open those pretty presents. (Just kidding, I’m always thankful. But it’s so much better to be thankful for something you actually want to be thankful for.)

Without further ado, here’s a visual presentation of my wishlist for Christmas 2017:


  1. Nike Air Max Thea (black) – If you have been following this blog, you might have read a post or two about my musings in the gym. I was never a fan of rubber shoes, but I think I’ll be more inspired to go to the gym if I had shoes that I can easily match with any gym OOTD. My current gym shoes are in neon pink, and although I know that no one really cares about anyone’s gym outfit color coordination, and the gym isn’t really a fashion arena where anyone is only there to flaunt their active wears. But it would really inspire me more often if I can have a good OOTD at the gym, and that can be achievable if I had my rubber shoes in a neutral color. Hence, for this year I want this pair of Nikes.
  2. Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream – I’ve been looking for this eye cream ever since I started with Korean Skincare, but it’s not in my favorite online shops. I’m thinking of buying it in the official Innisfree website. But I think it will be more rewarding if I get this as a gift instead–because I know whoever gifts me this, went through high and low to get me this majestic eye cream.
  3. Swatch watch in style Climber Flowery – I lost my only decent dress watch around January this year, hence I’ve been using my FitBit Alta in all occasions. I have had a nice dress watch from Swatch before and I loved it because it looks so elegant and I feel pretty and girly whenever I wear it. I wanna feel that way again, and I want to have an appropriate watch to wear on special occasions. Thus, this is on the top of my wishlist. I actually marked this as most wanted item because it’s the most expensive. Hahaha.
  4. Casio Rose Gold watch – this was a random entry. I just saw someone post about this watch on Facebook, and I loved the color–I’m into pinkish hues lately.
  5. Tony Moly Ferment Snail Skincare Set – I found this skincare set in SM MOA, but I didn’t buy it because I honestly thought that it’s too pricey. But I really wanted to try it out because I know for a fact that snail is good for the skin.
  6. Laduree keychain – I AM A MACARON ADDICT. Need I say more? Although this is just a keychain and other people might find it stupid to spend a certain amount of cash for something that isn’t even that useful, I want it because I love Laduree and it’s pretty. And owning one would make me feel that my Laduree obsession has been validated. Yes, we all need that kind of validation sometimes.
  7. FitBit Alta Strap in white or gold – My current strap is in black and is in size LARGE which means it looks like I’m wearing an oversized bangle instead of a smart watch (I don’t know what you call these things??) on my arm. I’ve been looking for a smaller strap in white or gold–which better fits me and anything that I wear.
  8. Leatherette backpack – We were in Siargao a few weeks ago and I noticed some people using a leatherette backpack and I thought it looks cool, and it’s convenient and savy. Not to mention that it’s fashionable too. Backpacks aren’t really my thing. But if someone gifts me this… well, things might change.

Sooo… that’s it for my Christmas Wishlist. This is actually the ~main~ wishlist. Yknow, the things I really want to have. Since this is mainly a skincare blog, I will be posting a skincare wishlist too one of these days. The two skincare items in this list are my two main wishes, if I had a choice then I would put all of the skincare that I wanted in this list, but I am human too and skincare isn’t only the thing that I want in this world. Haha! I had to choose the items in this wishlist carefully because I don’t want to be disappointed on Christmas day, but at the same time I don’t want to pressure my possible gift-givers. Heh. Just wait a few months and we’ll see if they actually got me anything from this list. I might post a “what I got for christmas” blog later on.

But as of now, just wait for my other posts. I have so much in mind!

See you soon!



Watsons Hair Care Haul


One of my frustrations in life is getting gorgeous hair. I really envy people who has naturally soft and manageable hair. Mine requires at least one rebond session per year so it would look decent enough for the public. I was actually hoping that since I’ve been rebonding my hair since 2009, it would adapt to the chemicals and other stuff that they put on my hair and be independent from rebond sessions soon.  But still, after a few months or so, the medicine starts wearing off as I slowly turn into a human with a bird’s nest on top of my head. It’s so frustrating and I can’t do anything about it. I always have to go back to the salon if I want to look presentable, even though I really want my hair to be treatment-dependent.

I had this haul thinking that maybe, if I gave my hair extra care, I won’t need to go to the salon anymore. This is my attempt to make my hair look better.

TRESemme Split Repair Shampoo and Serum – I originally wanted to buy the conditioner from this line along with these two, but I wasn’t so sure that my hair would react nicely to it. Since these products are focused on repairing, I was thinking that they might not do much in making my hair softer or smoother so I opted for a different conditioner that will surely give my hair the softness that it needs. Anyway, I particularly chose these two products from TRESemme because one of my major hair problems are my split ends–like, they cover almost half the length of my hair! I’m not really sure because I’m not a hair care expert, but I’m hoping that fixing my split-ends problem is a good start for me to have the nice, shiny, and manageable hair that I’ve always wanted.

Dove Hair Therapy Straight and Silky Conditioner – I wasn’t really a fan of Dove before, because the first time I tried it, my hair just became more unruly. However, I gave Dove a second chance a few months ago and I immediately loved how it made my hair feel lighter and softer. I would have bought the Shampoo from this line too, but I’m eager on solving my hair problems so I decided to buy something else.

Golden Fabulouz Keratin Argan Oil Hot Oil Treatment – When I had my hair rebonded October last year, the salon lady told me that I need to undergo Hot Oil treatment every month for maintenance. Of course, I didn’t do that because it’s quite expensive and honestly I think it’s too extravagant to go for a hot oil treatment every month. While I still have it on my mind to go to the salon for the said maintenance one of these days, I was hoping that this would help lock in the medicine from my rebonding session a few months ago.

I didn’t know that this product was on a buy one take one promo until the cashier informed me. Thus, I just picked up the first thing that I saw in the shelves for my take one (I didn’t want the long line of buyers in the cashier to wait longer because of my indecisiveness). Golden Fabulous Keratin Hot Oil Cream with Green Tea seems to be a good choice, to be honest, I was also looking at this one while I was looking for stuff to buy.

Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment – I really wanted to try this before because it looks really interesting and I’ve always wondered if products like this does wonders to the hair. I honestly think that keeping something like this is my regimen is a really huge step, so I’m hoping that this hair vitamin will do me good.

I’m fairly new to this hair care thing, and to be honest, I’m not expecting stellar results from all these products immediately. It might take time before my hair actually starts absorbing all these chemicals that will change it. But I’m hoping to notice an improvement after a few months with this set of products. Just like my skincare, this will be a trial and error process, and I know finding the prefect set of hair care products for me will take some time. However, I’m willing to enjoy the journey to having fabulous hair. I’ll write a review for some of the products in this haul soon and make my recommendations.

As I start my quest for the perfect products for perfect hair, please help me by giving me tips and suggestions in the comment box. Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.

To better hair days and flawless skin,

Meesh ❤


Other Stories: My March 2017 Book Haul


When I’m not hoarding skincare products, I’m hoarding books! Not only that, I also make sure that despite the mountain of unread books that I have, I get to read all of them. It wasn’t really a problem during my college days because I had a lot of extra time to read, but right now I can really say that reading is a luxury–especially when it’s an actual book!

As much as possible, I refrain from reading ebooks–unless if they were given for free or if they were purchased. I don’t really have an issue with reading through my phone and my laptop, it’s just that I really prefer giving back to the author for his or her effort in writing a book by purchasing the book. It is my way of supporting the writer and helping him or her gain that recognition. Although I can’t really say if the book is really great because I haven’t read it before purchasing and I’m only basing my judgement on the cover and the reviews, at least I can say that “Oh, this book looks like it’s worth the money!” and if I were an author, if someone finds my work worth paying for, I would be in cloud nine.

Anyway, here are the books that I purchased for the month of March and the reason why I bought it.

My (not so) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (Fully Booked, Abreeza Mall) – Sophie Kinsella is my favorite Chick Literature author of all time. I’ve read all of her books except for the ones under her pen name Madeleine Wickham (but I definitely plan on reading them soon.) These days, I wasn’t really as updated about her releases as before so when I saw this book in the mall, I was absolutely surprised and happy and excited–I can’t breathe! I missed Sophie Kinsella so much and the book seemed really interesting and something  I could relate to, so I bought it without thinking twice.

Learning to Fall and Tempting Victoria by Mina V. Esguerra (National Bookstore, SM Mall of Asia) – I first learned about Mina V. Esguerra through a classmate, and she told me that this author often gives free digital copies of her books and short stories on her website, she told me that she writes chick literature which made me really interested in reading her work thus I went to check out her website. I then downloaded and read a few of them and I immediately fell in love with her works. I’ve been looking for physical copies of her books in the bookstores here in Davao, but I never really found one. Good thing I was able to drop by SM Mall of Asia this month and found a lot of her books in the National Bookstore. I was actually meaning to purchase four different books written by her, but I narrowed it down to these two. It was really a tough decision because I wanted all of them. But I realized that if I purchase too many, I may not have time to read all the books that I have, or I may forget that I have them.

The Summer Solstice and Other Stories by Nick Joaquin (National Bookstore, SM Mall of Asia) – The Summer Solstice is a required reading for some literature classes in my university. Too bad I was a transferee and my literature courses were credited from by previous school and thus I didn’t have the luxury of reading this gem by Nick Joaquin during my undergraduate studies. So, when I saw this book, I decided to add it to my cart.

Twisted 8 1/2 by Jessica Zafra (National Bookstore, SM Mall of Asia) – Because Jessica Zafra. I’ve been reading her works since 2015 and they never fail to amaze me. Aside from the fact that they are witty, they also make me think about things. If you enjoy sarcasm and you know better than being offended when awful realities are pointed out to you, read her works!

Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire (National Bookstore, Abreeza Mall) – I’ve read the first book, Wicked, last 2014 and was meaning to read the whole series but it kinda never happened because I was drowned with schoolwork and I had a lot of books to read in queue. This book was always in my list of books to buy, but I always find something else to purchase instead. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that I’m hoping to find a trade paperback because it looks prettier and they’re so much easier to read. Too bad I never found one through my years of searching. What prompted me to buy this paperback was when my cousin and I went to watch the Wicked Musical in Solaire last month. I just loved the surge of memories of what I read in the book while watching the musical.  To be honest, I’m quite surprised I still remembered a lot of details!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (National Bookstore, Abreeza Mall) – This is one of the popular books out there that I never really had the chance to read. It’s a shame that I only read one book by Paulo Coelho and was never really able to join the hype with his works back then. Oh well, it’s not too late to read anything, so here I go!

Those are my book purchases for the month of March. I honestly wanted to buy a few more books, but decided that I should at least space my purchases because I know I can’t really read them all that fast. I made myself a note that I should at least finish reading two books before I buy another one–or another few. Haha! Also, I still have a few books that I haven’t read prior to this haul, so I’ll have to clear out my unread books too.

At the beginning of the year, I made myself a book challenge in goodreads and I’m currently 8 books behind for a total of 50 books for this year. I’m still hoping I would be able to catch up. After all, it’s just the beginning of the year, a lot of things can still happen!

If you want to check out my goodreads profile, here’s the link.

If you have book recommendations, please let me know! We might have the same taste, so do check out my goodreads if you want to find out what other books I read.

That’s all for now,

Meesh ❤